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Types of Fencing

Chain Link Fence Installation

Build a Chain Link Fence that protects your property, parking lot, home and more. We offer a wide range of chain link fencing options for you to choose from.

how tall can a fence be in los angeles

Wrought Iron fencing is an elegant option to protect your home or business. This affordable option comes in many different colors and styles. 

Vinyl Fence Installation

Known for being long lasting and maintenance-free, vinyl fences are perfect for families, an homeowners. This durable option is available to all clients.

Wood Fence Installation

The classic look of a wood fence is timeless. Many different styles and finish options, this is a favorite for many homeowners. 

Other Services

We design, build, and install Driveway Gates that fit your needs driveway. Our automatic gate make your home save and give you the privacy you desire.   

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is perfect for any construction project, or special event that requires temporary security. This is an affordable way to add fencing when needed. 

Barbed Wire Installation

Barbed Wire is a great way to keep unwanted attention to your commercial property or parking lot. This can be helpful for parking lots or warehouses.

Gate Repair

If your gate is sticking or sagging it might be time to get it repaired. We will make your fence or gate look and work like new again!

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Build a Fence and Gate & Keep Your Family Safe

At Los Angeles Fencing Co. building the perfect fence can help give you the privacy and security your family is looking for. Also, protecting your property and business is an important reason to add a fence. However, the most important reason is to have the privacy and space you need to enjoy your home in peace. We build beautiful fencing options for homeowners, commercial properties and more. Contact us today for more information. 

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Wood Fence Installation

Top Fence Company in Los Angeles & San Bernardino County

Los Angeles Fencing Co. services both San Bernardino & Los Angeles County, we offer top quality fencing at affordable pricing. Add a fence to your backyard, property, or business. Our team specializes in Chain Link, Wood, Wrought Iron and Vinyl Fencing. We also specialize in temporary fencing for construction projects or events, repair work and gate installation. Contact us today for a free estimate on your fence and gates project. 

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