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Fence & Gate Repair in Los Angeles

Fence and Gate Reapair

Los Angeles Fencing Co is the #1 gate repair company in Los Angeles. Our team of skilled and experienced installers and repair workers are ready to help you with your automatic gate or manual gate. We have experience working on large commercial driveway gates and small gate openers.

Our team is ready to help you with your gate repair. We specialize in making sure your gate is functioning better than the day it was installed. We look forward to assisting you and can assure you our repair work is of high quality. No one has time for an electric gate malfunction, so contact Los Angeles Fencing Co for our gate repair services.

So companies are booked for weeks, but when it comes to repairs you need a fast turnaround. Don’t settle for a gate that doesn’t work, let us help. Even only months after a gate installation, you may find your gate sticking or not closing properly. This is common and we know how to fix this and keep it fixed.

Fast Turnaround For Your Repair Project

Fence Repair Los Angeles

Most clients are going to have a set timeline in mind for when the repair work has to be done. Our clients rely on us, so we make sure to stay on schedule and show up when we say we’re going to. When you are in a jam, we know how get your gate back up and working. No matter if you are having technical issues with your electric motor or simply just can’t get your gate to close, we are here to help.

Many times, we see clients who have new gates but after the weather changes, they become stuck or won’t stay closed. Our team will be able to keep your gate in working order so that you can keep living worry-free.

Los Angeles Fencing Co is more than just fencing. We also repair fencing and gates. Los Angeles is a big city with a lot of not-so-great work. We know, we’ve fixed it. With over 25 years of experience, our team has seen it all. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your fence or gate repair as we are likely to be able to help you with it.

Don’t bother being put on a waitlist to only never get a callback. Call us today so we can fix your fence or gate issue as soon as possible. This will keep your life moving smoothly, not to mention it will keep your pets in, and intruders out!

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Gate Repair

All of the solutions that we offer come with a 1-year guarantee so you don’t have to worry about rescheduling repair work. Our team is completely capable of helping your fence or gate problem.

When it comes to fencing, we have seen just about all there is to see. From cars driving through fences, to the wind knocking down a section, we are here to help. Nothing is scarier realizing your fence is down only after you let your dog outside. Did we mention we’ve seen it all?  

This includes using new-age technology to assess the fence or gate before coming up with a strategy. This attention to detail is something you are going to enjoy during the process.

Why settle for less when you can go with Los Angeles Fencing Co. We are willing to put in the hard work needed to bring a smile to your face. Whether it is a wood or iron fence, you will know the job will be done properly, the first time.

When it comes to fixing a fence or gate, it’s essential to reach out to our qualified team. If it is time to look at a competent specialist that will do the right thing, this is the ultimate company for your needs in LA.