Featured in Redfin as “Fencing Experts”

Los Angeles Fencing Co. was selected to provide expert advise on installing a dog-friendly fence. As dog-lovers we didn’t hesitate to combine our love for dogs and our passion for fencing. You can read the full article on and learn how adding a fence is the perfect solution to letting your dog freely roam.

We believe dogs are playful, loving, loyal companions who often add joy to people’s lives. They’re also messy, loud, and require a lot of care. To have the best experience for everyone, many people choose to dog-proof their homes. Building a dog-proof fence is a great way to accomplish this. Most dogs want plenty of time and space to play outside and run around with other dogs, dog-proofing your outdoor space is equally important as the inside.

There are many different fencing options that are great for any breed. For next steps contact us for a free fence estimate to find the best solutions for you pup and family. Fill out the form on the website or call us today. (909) 740-9375.