Top Reasons My Gate Keeps Sticking

Top Reasons My Gate Keeps Sticking

A beautiful fence is not complete without a functional gate. As time passes by, you might have observed that your fence begins harder to close like it normally would. If you do encounter the issue when your gate keeps sticking to the frame and becomes harder to open and close, here are some of the factors for it and what you can do to fix it.

Factors that Cause a Gate to Stick

Once your fence gate becomes crooked, it will inevitably begin harder to close. When trying to find out the root cause of the problem, they are various factors you have to consider. Unsecured posts and unfastened hinges can cause the gate to sag and become misaligned. There can also be times when the gate itself might be deformed. 

Wooden gates, often absorb and maintain moisture, and once that moisture evaporates, it causes the gate to sag, making it stick to the frame. This can be brought about by the sudden change in temperature. On the other hand, with metal gates, the main cause of sticking is when the pins that fasten the gate to the post become warped or the posts themselves become uneven.

How to Fix a Sticking Gate

Now that you are well-informed about some of the factors that can cause a gate to stick to the posts, here are the simple steps you can take to address the issue:

Apply Varnish

Applying varnish to your wooden gate enables it to have an additional layer of protection while also enhancing the appearance of the gate itself. It also prevents the wood from absorbing and accumulating moisture which causes it to sag and become harder to fix overall.

Check Your Gate Hinges

Another simple step you can take is by checking your hinges and observing if they are unfastened and unsecured. Generally, hinges can be replaced easily, if you do notice that this is the reason why your gate gets stuck, it would only require an easy solution.

Check Your Posts

As time goes by, your posts might start to sway. If you do notice that an unstable and unfastened post is the reason for your gate to keep getting stuck, you could fix the issue by simply pounding your stakes deep into the ground creating a rigid foundation at the bottom of the posts then securing the post to the stakes with the use of a bolt.

Check Your Gate’s Frame

Once you are done checking both your posts and hinges and they look fine and are functioning properly, you might still want to check if the frame of your gate is even. If it is in any way deformed, you can simply straighten it with the use of a turnbuckle kit.

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