How Close Can I Put My Fence to the Property Line?

Fence to the Property Line

We often get asked, “How Close Can I Put My Fence to the Property Line?” When you put up a fence around your property, you’re taking an important step in protecting your home and family. A fence can deter criminals from attempting to break into your home, and it can also give you some privacy from nosy neighbors. In addition, a fence can keep your children and pets safe by keeping them contained within your property. If you’re considering putting up a fence, you must also know the rules that come with it in Los Angeles. At Los Angeles Fencing Co., we follow all the rules related to installing a fence in LA and we assure you that you won’t have to face any legal proceedings later.

Can I Put a Fence On My Property Line

Wondering if you can put a fence right on your property line? It’s a common question with answers that vary by locale. Essentially, it’s possible, but local zoning rules and neighborly etiquette play big roles. Before you start, it’s wise to touch base with your local authorities or a fencing expert. 

This approach ensures everything’s above board and helps sidestep any neighborly tensions. It’s all about striking the right balance between privacy, compliance, and good relations. Los Angeles Fencing Co. is your go-to for impeccably designed fences that enhance both security and aesthetic appeal. Choose us for a hassle-free experience and a fence that elevates your property’s value and charm.

Property line and fence laws in Los Angeles

Fences are a common sight in many neighborhoods in LA, and they can serve a variety of purposes, from providing privacy to security. When a fence is installed on a property line, it is important that both property owners agree to the installation. This is because of the property line that exists between the two properties. There should be at least a 3-ft gap between your house to the property line and the same goes for your neighbor.

Suppose you decide to build the fence right on the 3-ft mark, your neighbor may file a civil case against you. If you insist on building on the property line without the consent of your neighbor, or damage his property in the process, it becomes a civil matter. In this case, your neighbor will have the right to take legal action against you. So if you want to install the fence, you must do it within the 3-ft gap from your property and not on the property line itself. You should also remember that if the neighbor takes legal action against you, it can be a costly and time-consuming matter. Therefore, you should work with us to ensure that nothing of this sort happens because we always abide by the rules of the state.

Fencing Permits & Zoning

The County of Los Angeles Department of Regional Planning wants residents to be aware that if they decide to install a free-standing fence within their home premises up to six feet in height, it would not require a permit. However, they should still follow the zoning requirements. Zoning requirements exist in order to create and maintain cohesive neighborhoods which protect property values and the quality of life for all residents.

Areas zoned for agricultural use, for example, might have different setback requirements for fences than areas zoned for residential use. The Department of Regional Planning has a comprehensive guide to the county’s zoning ordinances available on their website, and they encourage all residents to familiarize themselves with the regulations that apply to their property.

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