How to Maintain Your Fence

How to Maintain Your Fence in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Fencing Company is your top fencing contractor in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties. We understand that your fence is a big investment in the privacy, security and appearance of your property. This is why we provide an array of services, from temporary fencing and permanent fencing construction to gate installation, barbed wire placement, and fence and gate repair.

As your local experts, we also have some great advice to share about how to maintain your fence in Los Angeles. These tips for wood fences can make your outdoor routine easier while preserving the longevity of the materials and structure.

The Biggest Threats to Your Wood Fence

Throughout the United States and here in southern California, wood is the most popular type of fencing. Obviously, wood does not withstand the elements forever. But you can vastly improve the longevity of the wood used as your property perimeter, simply by knowing how to maintain your fence and following some simple guidelines. 

First, it is important to know that water, pests and weather are the three biggest threats to your wood fence. Water speeds up wood rotting. Pests will eat through the wood and sun bleaches it out, drying the material and causing it to warp and disintegrate. But sealing the wood, routinely inspecting it for damage and cleaning it regularly can help you fight these threats – even pesky termites, carpenter ants and other destructive creatures.

Seal Your Wood Fence

It is critical under this Los Angeles area sun that you seal your wood fence with wood stain or paint upon its installation. Obviously, the pros of Los Angeles Fencing Company will do this for you, if desired. The exception to this is for pressure-treated wood, which is sealed only after the wood is completely dry. That process takes about four to six weeks before stain or paint application. 

Sealing is an important step in how to maintain your fence as it keeps water from seeping into the wood and damaging it. Remember, if you paint the wood it will need sanding and repainting every two to three years. Stain lasts three to five years between applications.

How to Maintain Your Fence

At least monthly, walk your fence line while inspecting the wood for damage. Look for loose nails, wobbly or titled fence posts, loose or broken pickets, splinters, holes, rot and decay. If you find issues like these, call your Los Angeles Fence Co experts for repairs. 

Regular wood fence cleaning simply involves using soapy water to remove built-up dirt, dust or pollen. If you use a power washer to remove stains, ensure the pressure is gentle. To kill mold or algae stains, use a cup of bleach or vinegar in a gallon of water.

Pest Control for Your Wood Fence

Because termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees can seriously damage your wood fence, pest control is another key facet in how to maintain your fence. This pest control starts with regularly treating your wood for these pests or calling in a pest control service to do so. Keeping stacked firewood, overgrown bushes or hedges and moisture away from your fencing is also important to prevent pest problems. Staining or painting the wood is the best way to control moisture, as explained above. 

Ask Us How to Maintain Your Fence

If you are struggling with fencing problems, such as damaged pickets, posts or other aesthetic and structural issues, Los Angeles Fencing Co. can help. We offer suggestions for updating or replacing your unsightly older fence with a new wood fence or fencing made from more durable materials. In fact, replacing your aging perimeter can enable you to worry less about how to maintain your fence and focus more on enjoying your private, secure and beautiful outdoor spaces. Call Los Angeles Fencing Co today at (909) 740-9375.