How Temporary Fencing Can Save You Money

How Temporary Fencing Can Save You Money

Common Uses of Temporary Fences

  • Temporary fences have numerous uses, often they are used in construction sites to restrict unauthorized people from entering the property who could get in harm’s way where the construction company would be held liable. It also safeguards the construction company’s people and equipment by avoiding theft and damage while ensuring public safety. 
  • Temporary fencing solutions are also important when building a new house, creating an additional room to your home, installing a brand new swimming pool, or any kind of home modification or renovation. Chain link fencing which is easy to move and install can also shield your house from any debris brought by cyclones and hurricanes.
  • Events also use fencing options such as a fence gate or a welded wire fence to control the crowd or separate areas apart. Races also use temporary fence panels made from galvanized steel that is powder coated to provide durability and offers the best protection to the people to minimize the probability of accidents.

Now that we have established that temporary fences have multiple benefits as long as you choose the right type of fence for you, any place can be a safe face for everyone. But there is a common question that is always being asked:

Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy?

Buying or renting temporary fences would depend on where you would be using them, for what purpose, and for how long. Temporary fencing is less expensive than permanent one, but it’s also more cost-effective in certain situations. Renting is better for low startup costs, short-term projects, and keeping sites secure for a short period of time. Being knowledgeable about your project would help you with your decision.


In temporary fence rental in Los Angeles, you must find companies that have offerings that satisfy your needs so it’s better to go around comparing prices and quality to find the best supplier for you. Each rental company also offers different benefits such as delivery and fence installation in Los Angeles, disassembling, and pulling apart once your project comes to an end. This is great if you have no experience installing and removing your own fences. 

Most commonly, the overall costs of these temporary fences will be based on how much space the fences need to cover. Usually, companies charge per linear meter but this varies per location and who will be supplying your fences. There might also be additional hidden costs in your contract so you must examine it thoroughly. If ever you damage or misplace some fences, this could be an inconvenience unless otherwise stated in the contract. 

There may be cases in that you have projects that you need to extend the duration of, this comes with additional costs with your hired fencing company, it’s best if you could include in the contract the specifics regarding a grace period so as not to pay extra and save money.

With a home and land combination deal, the home building company is used to adding temporary fencing as part of the whole project cost. It is important to read your contract accurately and do your own research to be more knowledgeable on how to cut down costs. Always ask every question that pops into your mind especially if you feel like you’re getting ripped off.


Buying temporary fences is good only if you’re an owner-operator who reuses these fences in multiple projects to get back your return on investment. The most profitable and cost-effective time to buy temporary fencing is if you have your schedule for projects planned ahead of time or if you have a project for a long-term period for companies who repeatedly use them. They usually cost per panel but prices differ per supplier so it’s up to you to find the best offer.

Another great reason to buy your own temporary fences is that even on short notice, you won’t have to experience the hassle of calling a rental company to provide you with fencing needs that will eventually add more costs to your current project. In this case, your fencing options are more adaptable and accessible you can just set them up and take them apart at your discretion.

Temporary fences come in different types and finishes, you better be knowledgeable about this before buying so that what you buy fits your description needs. As always, there will always be a way to save money, buying a powder-coated fence with untreated steel comes at a cheaper cost but it can lead the surface of your fences to peel off.

To get better negotiations when choosing to buy or rent temporary fences, be aware that fencing companies have miles and miles of fences available in their stores. This means that most of the time, you can easily acquire fencing from them even on short notice, buying in bulk will also give you additional discounts. However, even with available supplies, companies can take a long time to process your transaction before sending your temporary fencing needs.