Fencing Options for Homeowners

Top 5 Fencing Options for Homeowners

A fence installation to your home or property has a lot of benefits. First, it gives you more privacy to enjoy your day with your family like when having a backyard barbeque. Second, a front yard fence hinders your good neighbors and strangers from peeking and stepping over on your private property. 

Third, a backyard fence helps you contain your children and fur friends if you have any so they won’t accidentally get lost or step in unrestricted areas like a swimming pool where accidents can happen. On the opposite side of the fence, it will stop neighbors’ pets or stray animals from roaming around your garden and lawn where they can leave their unwanted feces with a good neighbor fence. Having a shared fence with a neighbor is also a great idea that both property owners own.

Additionally, choosing the right local fence style for your home will surely add some curb appeal to it and can potentially minimize noise from the streets. There are different kinds of fencing products you can find where some can raise the value of your property. Each fence costs and quality are also different depending on your fencing project where some can be a great investment for their qualities of being sturdy, durable, long lasting and maintaining their aesthetic look.

Here Are Our Top 5 Fencing Options for Homeowners:

1. Wood Fencing Ideas

Of each fence type, wooden fence panels remain the most favored option in the United States. Wooden fences come in different styles such as composite fencing for homeowners, it’s made from a mixture of natural wood and recyclable plastic, and it’ll give you the look of wood without the annual maintenance. 

Picket fences or garden fence is also common in separating your land area. On the other hand, a split rail fence is used in dividing property lines. One best thing about wooden fences is they are highly customizable and you can paint them with any color according to your liking. They’re typically the cheaper option and are best for the short run but a high fence height will cost you more.

2. Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences are another affordable fencing option. They are made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic mixed with special ingredients to create a long-lasting and cost-effective fence. However, Vinyls are impermeable to paint which is also a good thing as they do not chip or fade even with hail or rocks. Lastly, you can clean out any graffiti or any undesired dirt with just soap and matter and your fence will look good as new.

3. Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo fences are becoming more known in today’s time. A bamboo fence is actually made from grass making it environmentally friendly, renewable and a sustainable resource that is great for home owners who want eco-friendly fences. Some types of bamboo fencing for homeowners’ ideas include a bamboo cane, rolled bamboo and live bamboo. Bamboos flourishes in tropical areas and they wouldn’t survive in areas that have a cold climate.

4. Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences or wire fences are made from galvanized steel or green PVC-coated steel wire. These types of fences are often used in schools and businesses for while they are affordable, functional, secure and sturdy, they require little to no maintenance. One disadvantage of a chain-like fence is that they offer little privacy but a little gardening can provide the solution to this problem. 

Often, chain link fences are decorated with climbing vines and roses, morning glories, clematis and wisteria transforming a boring fence into a live one. It’s durable enough to carry all of these weights at once making them good for containing dogs and children and keeping them safe as well. With a garden-like chain link fence, your house will definitely smell better with its floral scent.

5. Aluminum Fencing Materials

Metal fencing for homeowners is the last great option for your home. This type of fence comes in different colors such as bronze, white, black and green. These fences come in three options; residential, commercial and aluminum styles for their high-security applications because they are strong enough to resist strong winds, salt, sun, sea and rain and are erosion resistant. 

This type of fence will still look good after a year without any maintenance. Before picking from the discussed fencing options, make sure these types of fences are available in your location.

What Are the Neighborhood Fencing Regulations?

Every fence law varies from state to state, there are areas where you can only set up a specific type of fence. In historic districts and secured natural areas, you might be limited with your fencing options for homeowners as part of protecting the environment and preserving the culture. Reaching out to your home’s association or local municipality is the best idea to know more about fencing regulations

Additionally, make sure to get your hands on a plat map of your property to know your property’s boundaries to avoid going over your neighbor’s private property and causing issues. This map will guide your contractor and installers with building a fence on your property by knowing where underground utilities are located so as to not damage your water and pipelines.

In the case of fence damage, home insurance can cover the cost of repair or replacement under the policy of other structure’s coverage as long as the damage is not a product of carelessness.