Top Wood Fence Designs

Top Wood Fence Designs for Your Home

Wood is the most popular fencing material across America, just as it is here in the Los Angeles area. But homeowners are by no means restricted to the same old plain vertical picket “privacy fence” design. While the traditional aesthetic works great in most circumstances, you can actually enhance the beauty of your property by making your enclosure a little more eye-catching. Below are some of the top wood fence designs requested of the professionals at Los Angeles Fencing Co.

Horizontal Slat Wood Fence

It is amazing how much aesthetic appeal you can add to a standard picket and post fence simply by turning the pickets from vertical to horizontal alignment. A horizontal slat wood fence provides enduring style with exceptional durability when you use pressure-treated wood.

You can apply this style around a pool or play area to create a secure space for little ones. Or you can use horizontal fencing to contain your entire outdoor living space. Picket spacing can enable a breezy and open look, while tighter alignment enhances privacy. Many homeowners also enjoy using spaced vertical slats to hold plant brackets, bringing the fence to life as one of the top wood fence designs.

Wood Fencing with a Planter Base

Also using vertical pickets, a wood fence with a planter box base elevates herb, vegetable or flower gardens while creating a structured and clean look for your outdoor spaces. This style puts your plants on display and sharply defines a grassy lawn or patio perimeter.

Instead of planter boxes or to break up the vegetation, you can also choose to base your vertical picket fence in bench-style seating. Simply add a hinged platform and cushion on the planter box to incorporate seating for a small yard or patio, storing toys, gardening tools and other items discreetly inside. Functionality and clean lines make it obvious why this is one of the top wood fence designs.

Basket Weave Fence

If you need the privacy and durability of a traditional wood fence but want to add visual interest, the basket weave wood fence is an excellent option. Fence pickets are placed vertically instead of horizontally and woven between posts for this style. The resulting double basket weave design provides a softer look than uniform slats. At the same time, they diffuse sunlight in an airy manner.

Lattice-Top Fence

The lattice-top fence design adds lattice panel tops above a traditional privacy fence, extending its height and beauty. The intricate theme carries over to gates and can visually support integration of lattice work for trellises, pergolas and other backyard features. The finished effect is that of an English garden, one of our top wood fence designs that works well with a wide range of architectural home styles. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this design does not compromise privacy or security.

Your Fence, Built in Your Choice of Top Wood Fence Designs

The professionals of Los Angeles Fencing Co are ready to design the beautiful new wood fence of your dreams. We can work according to the top wood fence designs found throughout the country today or construct something worthy of Architectural Digest. Call our pros today at (909) 740-9375 to schedule a consultation in the Los Angeles area.